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Carrie Underwood's 2-year-old son meets his first turtle

Carrie Underwood's son Isaiah got up close and personal with his first turtle Friday ... and mom got a little freaked out.
/ Source: TODAY

Carrie Underwood shared an adorable photo of her 2-year-old Isaiah and proved, once again, that she’ll do anything for her little guy.

The rock star mom captured her fascinated Isaiah reaching to rub his tiny hand across one large turtle’s shell. She shared the sweet moment on Instagram Friday.

According to her caption, turtle love doesn’t necessarily run in the family. “Fun fact: the only animal I do NOT like is a turtle” the country singer writes. “I’m fine with (snakes) and (spiders) and anything else that most people find scary, but turtles are NOT OK.”

The 34-year-old mom certainly didn’t let her own distaste for turtles discourage her son’s fun. She even adds in her caption, “I’ll still pull my car over to help one cross the road ... even though I don’t like it.”

Underwood has a soft spot for all things Isaiah. In August, she shared a typical Thursday night with her social media followers: It involved both mom and dad, retired NHL player Mike Fisher, running around in super hero masks to Isaiah’s delight.

Bed time in the Fisher-Underwood household includes some pre-Halloween dress up. Could this be a preview of this year's costume?@carrieunderwood

When Underwood first learned she was pregnant in 2014, she couldn’t believe the news. “It’s still kind of weird, to be honest,” she told TODAY. “Sometimes I’ll be with my husband and I’m like, ‘I’m going to be a mom. You’re going to be a dad. Like, is this real life?’”

Since then, the fun-loving, fear-facing parents have made Isaiah the center of their busy worlds.