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Carrie Underwood proudly shows facial scar in throwback pic

Nearly one year after her freak accident, the "Cry Pretty" singer isn't hiding her scar.
/ Source: TODAY

Carrie Underwood shared a beautiful selfie on Instagram that shows her facial scar, and it has fans showing their support.

The "Cry Pretty" singer suffered a fall outside her home in November 2017 while walking her dogs that resulted in a broken wrist and more than 40 stitches in her face.

Now, almost a year later, she proudly shared a picture for #FBF (that's Flashback Friday) which shows the scar ... and just how beautiful she is both in spite of and because of it!

In the photo taken while filming her "Love Wins" music video, the 35-year-old singer (who recently announced she's pregnant!) wears dramatic, sparkly eye makeup.

Above her lips, you can see a scar, the result of her accident. In the comments, hundreds of fans support her courage for proudly showing her face, scar and all.

Over the past year, Underwood slowly began to open up about her injuries, telling fans how it initially impacted her confidence. She says she got through it by reminding herself that sometimes feeling insecure is "just part of being human."

"Plain and simple, it was just kind of a freak accident," she recalled. "In the beginning, I feel like I didn't know how things were gonna end up," she told Kotb on TODAY. "It just wasn't pretty."

Six months after the freak accident, the mom to 3-year-old Isaiah Fisher made a triumphant return to the stage.

What's clear is that Underwood, who wrote a letter to fans saying she wasn't sure about the outcome of her injuries, has decided to show the world that it can't crush her confidence.

We think she's even more beautiful for not shying away from sharing her story.