Carrie Underwood gets workout help from her baby boy in amazing video

/ Source: TODAY

She's a singer, songwriter, actress, awards-show host and all-around country music star who's set to embark on a new North American tour in January.

And Carrie Underwood is also one busy mom.

As such, she's found the perfect way to squeeze a workout into her hectic schedule without cutting into the time she'd otherwise spend with son Isaiah.

In a clip the "Heartbeat" singer posted to Instagram, she carefully cradles her baby boy to her chest while powering through a set of squats.

That has to count as weight training and a core workout — all in one.

"Sometimes we just have to make it work!" she wrote in the caption, along with several motivational hashtags, including #StayThePath, #trainingwithbaby and #fitmom.

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Once the exercise was over, it was time for a good stretch, and this photo proves Isaiah was ready to lend mom a hand again:

But he obviously wanted a nose in return!

"When your post-workout stretch turns you into a human jungle gym," Underwood wrote next to the adorable pic.

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