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Carpool Karaoke confessions: Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas talk love life, purity rings

The backseat of James Corden's car turned into the hot seat for Nick Jonas on Monday's "Late Late Show."

Jonas and pal Demi Lovato hitched a ride for the latest installment of Carpool Karaoke, but it was more like Carpool Confessions as Corden and Lovato teamed up to talk about the former boy-bander's love life.

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"Miley [Cyrus], then back with Selena [Gomez], and then back with Miley" — that's how Lovato recalled her friend's relationship history.

Jonas denied it all, which earned him a new nickname from Lovato: "Lies-a Minnelli!"

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But all of that romantic back-and-forth left Corden wondering about "the old purity rings" Jonas and his pop star brothers were once famous for sporting.

"When did you decide to ditch [it]?" the host asked.

"I had a real relationship with an adult, and I fell in love, actually," Jonas shot back before wondering aloud, "Are we going to keep talking about my dating life?"

Oh, yeah.

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When they weren't belting out their hit songs, that topic popped up again and again. In fact, after a rousing rendition of Jonas' "Chains," Corden wanted to know if he'd ever been tied up.

"I performed at a gay club one time, and they literally chained me to the wall," the singer said. "It was very ... very erotic."

And, like the rest of the ride, the tied-up tales — and Corden's "ding dong!" reaction — was hilarious.

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