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Carol Burnett to guest on ‘Housewives’

Burnett will play Eleanor Mason, the icy stepmother of Bree Van De Kamp
/ Source: Access Hollywood

It looks like Carol Burnett is getting “Desperate.”

The actress will soon make a trip to Wisteria Lane as a guest star on ABC's “Desperate Housewives,” per USA Today.

Burnett will play Eleanor Mason, the icy stepmother of Bree Van De Kamp (played by Marcia Cross).

The episode is tentatively scheduled to air on April 9.

“I thought this would be a hoot,” says Burnett, 72, who starts taping next week. “I'm a soap opera fan. I've watched ‘All My Children’ for a hundred years, and this, too, is a very campy soap. All these crazy things happen in this one town — just like [‘Children's’] Pine Valley.”

For “Desperate” creator Marc Cherry, it's a casting dream.

Back in January, Cherry told Access Hollywood's Shaun Robinson that having the comedic legend visit Wisteria Lane would be a dream come true.

“My dream is to get someone like Carol Burnett on the show,” Cherry said, adding that he would “want her to be kind of malignant, kind of evil, to make her go away from her normal persona.”

Cherry is reportedly writing Eleanor as an evil role, far removed from Burnett's characters on her 1967-78 TV variety series. “Eleanor took over after Bree's mother was killed when Bree was a child,” Cherry explained to USA Today. “She's a very tightly wound, proper lady for whom appearances mean everything. A lot of what Bree has become came from this woman,” and their relationship is “polite but strained.”

But Burnett had but one request for Cherry.

“I said, ‘I want her to be a little [meaner].’ It's more fun to have those villainous takes — like Miss Hannigan,” Burnett's wicked role in 1982's “Annie” movie.

Eleanor reportedly comes to town with her husband, Henry, after Bree's son, Andrew, announces his intentions to be emancipated.

“Andrew is bringing up all sorts of family secrets, and they want it stopped,” Cherry says.

So far, Burnett is scheduled to appear in only one episode, but all parties are reportedly open to a return visit next season.