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Is Captain America the Movie to Beat in 2011?

Captain America: The First Avenger is already dominating the summer blockbuster lineup.
/ Source: E!online

Captain America: The First Avenger is already dominating the summer blockbuster lineup.

Last Sunday, you know, during that whole big Super Bowl extravaganza, movie studios unleashed a wave of sneak peeks upon us. But among all of them--Pirates 4, Thor, Transformers 3--we think that Captain America had the most first-look goodness. Goodness that is generating a lot of buzz following the big game.

And now as we take a look at the first official poster, we wonder: With all this new excitement, do other movies stand a chance at topping this highly anticipated superhero flick?

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While the other previews that showed up to the game offered some fun glimpses, really, we'd already seen bits and pieces from them before.

We'd seen Captain Jack swashbuckle his way through a throng of English redcoats, Transformers 3 was unsurprisingly explosion-based and Thor used its airtime to reveal that that hammer of his is a powerful tool. Not really news.

Captain America, on the other hand, managed to squeeze a full three-act structure into its modest 30-second spot, and we're guessing that's got a lot to do with the new hype.

Sure we see the Captain in that iconic uniform, but we also see Chris Evans transition from scrawny Steve Rogers into the first Avenger, we get a look at the inner workings of the Super Soldier program (ab machine!) and we get an enticing peek at the supervillain Red Skull (Hugo Weaving), along with plenty of action.

It just seems like the flick has everything required of a dominating summer blockbuster, and from what we've seen from the field so far, it's the movie to beat.

But what do you think?

VIDEO: Check out Chris Evans as he leads the way in the Captain America Super Bowl spot