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Capitol announces fix for Beatles box mistake

Will replace versions where mono recordings weren't from original masters
/ Source: Billboard

Capitol Records will be replacing first-run copies of its new Beatles collection in order to remedy a manufacturing mistake.

On Tuesday , the label will release "The Beatles: The Capitol Albums, Vol. 2," which includes the four Beatles albums issued by Capitol in 1965: "The Early Beatles," "Beatles VI," "Help!" and the American version of "Rubber Soul."

What makes this collection especially appealing to fans is that all tracks have been digitally remastered and are presented in both stereo and mono. Of these, many appear in stereo for the very first time on CD.

Unfortunately, Capitol realized after manufacturing that the original mono masters from "Beatles VI" and "Rubber Soul" never made it onto the initial pressing of this collection.

According to a statement from the label, the third-party mastering facility incorrectly sent step-down masters to the manufacturing plant instead of the mono masters ordered by the label. When Capitol became aware of this, the correct masters were sent, and the adjustment was made in another manufacturing run.

Although sources say there is no discernible difference in sound quality in the initial run, Capitol made the adjustment for historical accuracy. Consumers with proof of purchase will be able to replace copies of the first run with the correct version.