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Candace Cameron Bure reveals plot details on upcoming 'Full House' spinoff

Candace Cameron Bure clarified that the new show is not a reunion, but a spinoff with an entirely new plot of its own.
/ Source: TODAY

Candace Cameron Bure, known by many for playing the lovable and precocious big sister D.J. Tanner for years on "Full House," joined TODAY Tuesday to talk about her newest projects.

But first, she revealed details on the upcoming "Full House" spinoff.

"Oh, yeah, we're definitely doing 'Fuller House,'" she confirmed. "We're gonna start taping it this summer."

She went on to clarify that the new show is not a reunion, but a spinoff.

"It's definitely a fresh take. We're not doing the old show," she clarified. "So, it revolves around my character, D.J., who now has three kids but is widowed, and she asks her best friend and [her sister] Stephanie to come help her raise her kids."

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Candace Cameron: Faith keeps my marriage strong
D.J. Tanner played by Candace Cameron in the TV show "Full House."TODAY

Candace also talked about "Just the Way You Are," the new TV-movie she's starring in and producing, which follows a husband and wife as they attempt to reignite their romance by going on a pretend blind date with each other.

"I kind of came up with the idea to develop this movie for Mother's Day to really show that a lot of times, life can get the best of us," she said. "It's not that we fall out of love with our spouse, but we just really need to reconnect and find those things that we originally fell in love with."

She should know: She's been married nearly 20 years and has three children.

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Her secret? "Communication is just huge... And honoring and respecting each other."

Candace Cameron: Faith keeps my marriage strong
D.J. Tanner, played by Candace Cameron, from the TV show "Full House."TODAY

"Just the Way You Are" airs Saturday onthe Hallmark Channel.