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Candace Cameron Bure apologizes for 'seductive' post that referenced Holy Spirit

“I usually don’t apologize for these things, but a lot of you thought it was weird, and I’m sorry."
/ Source: TODAY

Candace Cameron Bure is clearing the air after sharing a video about her faith that some found offensive.

The “Fuller House” star, 45, recently shared a TikTok video of herself leaning toward the camera while mouthing the lyrics to the Lana Del Rey song “Jealous Girl.” Near the end of the video, she shows off a copy of the Bible.

“When they don’t know the power of the Holy Spirit,” she wrote in the caption.

She faced backlash after posting the clip on both TikTok and Instagram, with some people saying her video was too “seductive.”

“The Holy Spirit isn’t seductive. What is this??” one person commented on TikTok.

“Sensualizing your belief in the Holy Spirit? Kinda missing the mark here,” another person wrote.

“The song doesn’t match the Bible.. It’s seductive .. but at least she is bold in showing her Bible,” another person commented.

Bure later deleted the video from her Instagram page, while leaving it up on TikTok, and shared a lengthy video apology in her Instagram story.

Bure issued a lengthy video apology in her Instagram story.candacecbure/Instagram

“Hi. I just came home and read a lot of messages that were not happy with my latest Instagram post,” she said. “I usually don’t apologize for these things, but a lot of you thought it was weird, and I’m sorry. That was not my intention. I was using a very specific clip from TikTok and applying it to the power of the Holy Spirit, which is incredible.

“So many of you thought that I was trying to be seductive, which clearly means I’m not a very good actress, because I was trying to be strong, not sexy or seductive,” she continued. “So, I guess that didn’t work.”

She explained that she was inspired to make the TikTok video after her daughter, Natasha, used the same Lana Del Rey song in a different context in her own TikTok video.


“Natasha had actually just used that clip. That’s where I saw it, on her TikTok, and so I was trying to do my own version of it with the Bible,” Bure said. “And talk about the Holy Spirit and the power of the Holy Spirit, and basically that nothing can trump the Holy Spirit, and we only know that by reading the Bible.”

While some people were not fans of Bure’s video, other fans said the clip resonated with them.

“This is beautiful. Showing your faith and love,” one person commented on TikTok.

“Stop judging how SOURCE/GOD represents itself to each person. Love this,” another person wrote. “not my personal journey but I understand the deep connection/confidence.”

“I get it! I’m a believer and I’m not offended! The spirit is awesome! Keep doing you!” another person commented.

In her Instagram apology, Bure acknowledged the mixed reactions to her video.

“Maybe I was just trying to be too cool or relevant in a biblical way that didn’t work,” she said. “Anyway, most of you didn’t like it, clearly. But there was a small percentage of you that appreciated what I did and understood my intention. But anyway, it’s gone. Now I know what you don’t like!”