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Cancer trumps deformed kidney on 'Desperate Housewives'

ABC / Today
Lesley Ann Warren, left, stars as Sophie, mom to Teri Hatcher's Susan, on "Desperate Housewives" Sunday night.

DeAnn Welker writes: Almost everything was sad and emotional on Wisteria Lane this week, starting with Susan's lone, deformed kidney. She wouldn't accept Julie's offer of her kidney (but when Julie took the test anyway, she wasn't a match), and really wanted her mom Sophie (Lesley Ann Warren) to give her hers since she and Susan's Aunt Claire (Valerie Harper) came to visit.

When Sophie didn't so much as offer to take the test, Susan read her the riot act from her wheelchair. Which makes it a little less effective -- especially when she had to get Julie to spin the chair around so she could lecture her mother to her face. Only later, when Aunt Claire showed up and told her that her mom has breast cancer but didn't want Susan to know and worry about her when she was going through her own medical issues, did Susan come around and apologize to her mom. They had a tearful goodbye that they both were praying wouldn't be their last, although neither of them said so in as many words. I have to admit that it was pretty heartfelt, especially considering one of the major players was someone as plastic as Teri Hatcher.

Also getting choked up this week was Lynette, after Renee told Tom that she knew about the affair and he called her out on the torture (causing his pants to rip, peanut-buttering the stairs, putting salt in his coffee). She knew she'd cry when this happened, and then she'd forgive him, but she tried hard to fight it. She told him that, when their relationship was at a crossroads, she went to her mom's and realized she didn't want a life without him in it, while he went and slept with her best friend. He begged her not to give up the wonderful life they've built for something meaningless 20 years ago, but she still ignored him. Until the next morning, when she came down to breakfast and the family all bonded over Penny's upcoming soccer game. With Tom watching his children lovingly, Lynette tried to fight her emotions, but ended up grabbing his hand under the table. Awww. Thank you, show, for not making Lynette and Tom have more serious problems than that. I don't think the audience (read: me) could cope.

Finally, Gaby's obsession with her Grace fill-in doll was sad -- and more than a little creepy. She yelled at her kids, bonded with the crazy doll store lady, and hid the doll in her closet so they could be together forever. If you can get past the psychotic behavior, it's sad that Gaby's this torn up and feels like she can't talk to anyone but a doll.

While all the sappiness was happening, Bree was trying to befriend Beth (because her priest guilted her into it) by inviting her to the ladies' night, where Beth was left alone in the living room and then mysteriously found a gun under Bree's couch pillow. She accused the ladies of setting her up, and they accused her of putting the gun there. Then Beth left to call the cops. Just before the ladies' night together, Bree got an anonymous flower delivery that she assumed was from Keith, until later when he told her they weren't. With Mary Alice voicing over at the end about paying close attention to people you pass because you might recognize them, the flower delivery man went back to his hotel, took off his hat, wig, and fake facial hair to reveal ... Zach Young (evil spawn of Paul/Mike, remember?). I'm just trying to figure out how he could have planted the gun the ladies were in a fight about, because he just had to be Paul's shooter.

DeAnn Welker is a writer and editor in Portland, Ore.