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Canada's 'Lake Shore' goes for big stereotypes

Think MTV's "Jersey Shore" put bad behavior and stereotypes on display? Wait till you see Canada's version of the hit show, "Lake Shore."

The new reality program is based in Toronto and features eight "vibrant and volatile 20-somethings" from different ethnic backgrounds. "It's gonna be a peek into what Toronto's like as a multicultural city," producer George Tsioutsioulas said in an interview with "E-Talk." Check out the program's "sizzle reel": (Warning! Put your headphones on, because these kids do like to swear.)

The video invites you to "meet the cast that you will love to hate or hate to love," and judging by what the cast has shown us about themselves, I'm leaning toward just plain hate. 

What do you think? Will "Lake Shore" become as big a hit as "Jersey Shore"?