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Can you spot the girl waving among the rocks in this viral pic?

Get ready! We've got some photo fun — or maybe photo frustration — for you.
/ Source: TODAY

Get ready for some photo fun! Or photo frustration — depending on whether you can spot the unexpected subject nestled between these boulders.

You might not believe it at first glance, but there's a child in that photo — and she's looking right at the camera. She even has both arms over her head, giving us a big wave.

No, really!

If you look carefully between the curves and crannies in the rock formations at Joshua Tree National Park, you might just see her.

This latest round of can-you-spot-it comes courtesy of an Imgur user who posted it online last year. But thanks to eagle-eyed fans of a good picture puzzler, the old family vacation photo has just gone viral.

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Did you find her? Did you give up?

Scroll up for one last chance or look below so see what you might have missed.

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visualburrito / imgur

Well, hello there!

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