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Can you spot the cat among the owls? See the sequel to the viral panda puzzle

The comic artist behind the viral cartoon puzzle of a panda among snowmen has come out with another visual head-scratcher. Can you spot the cat?
/ Source: TODAY

Now that you're done pulling your hair out trying to find the panda among the snowmen, the Dudolf is back with another visual puzzle that's tantalizing the Internet.

Hungarian comic artist Gergely Dudas, better known as the Dudolf, has created a new "Where's Waldo?"-style photo puzzle, this time asking people to find a cat in a group of owls. Can you spot it?

The latest cartoon comes on the heels of one by the Dudolf that went viral earlier this month, featuring a panda hidden among a sea of happy snowmen.

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For those banging their heads on their phones or keyboards trying to find the cat in the latest puzzle, the hint is the same as the panda cartoon: Focus on the noses.

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[SPOILER note: Still need help with the answer? Use our slider tool below, just take care when hovering over the interactive if you're still interested in finding the cat on your own!]

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