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Can you find the fish hidden among these octopuses?

Are you up for a challenge? Try to spot the fish among these octopuses!
/ Source: TODAY

Are you having a good day? Do you want to absolutely ruin it? Try to find the fish among all these octopuses.

Hungarian cartoon artist Gergely Dudas has created another mind-boggling, head-scratching, phone-throwing brain-teaser. (Some men just like to watch the world burn.)

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Give it a shot, but we're pretty sure you can't figure it out.

The Instagram, posted on August 2, has over 847 likes, with comments ranging from excited to frustrated to downright desperate.

Did you find it yet? Probably not. Unlike Dory, this fish is not coming out to play today.

This isn't the first time Dudas has set the internet on fire, however. The talented (yet sadistic) cartoonist previously created an impossible puzzle where you had to spot the cat among owls.

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Though the puzzles can be stressful, there's something highly addictive about them. And there's nothing better than actually finding the hidden item (or giving up and pretending you found it).

SPOILER note: Still need help with the answer? Use our slider tool below, just take care when hovering over the interactive if you're still interested in finding the fish on your own!]

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We can't wait to see what anxiety-inducing puzzle Dudas creates next!