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Can Twilight Get Mitt Romney Elected President?

Twilight has pulled off some pretty magical things:
/ Source: E!online

Twilight has pulled off some pretty magical things:

Girls have been known to faint at the sight of Robert Pattinson. The book/movie sensation can take credit for power couple Robsten. Taylor Lautner went from wearing full-length synthetic shark suits to being a half-naked stud.

And, of course, pale and sparkly is now sexy.

So what's even left for Twilight to dominate? Well, it might just get Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney into the Oval Office:

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In an interview on Today, the former Massachusetts governor revealed he is a fan of the series, claiming he read them in honor of his granddaughter (insert aw's and ooh's here) and that "they were fun" to read.

When asked if he likes vampires, Romney quickly backpedaled and declared, all politician-like, "I don't like vampires. Personally, I don't know any." (Well, the guy is a member of the blood-sucking Mormon church, along with Twi-writer Stephenie Meyer, but that's besides the point...)

Well, too bad for Mitt that most of the oh-so dedicated fandom of Twilight can't vote, right? But wait, in 2012, even more will be able to!

Those fans who were just brace-faced tweeny-boppers when the first book was released in 2005 will be legally in charge of picking the nation's next leader. Be afraid, be very afraid. And for a candidate who typically fails in the gal department, could this be dear old Mitt's not-so-subtle way of appealing to an arguably susceptible piece of the USA female pie?

It certainly looks that way. Romney also somewhat embarrassingly touched on his love for American Idol, excitedly sung the praises of this season's champion, Scotty McCreery, and expressed interest in tuning in for The Voice.

Is it just us, or is he coming off way too fake, even for a politician?

Let's just say the interview left hanging some key questions about Romney's campaign. The most important being, is he on Team Edward or Team Jacob? Given the dude's history of flip-flopping, he may just want to remain Team Switzerland on this one.

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