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Can 'Mad Men's' Jon Hamm strike out a bunch of nerds at bowling?

Nerdist / Today
"Mad Men" get seriously ready to knock down some pins.

As slick, suave Don Draper on "Mad Men," is there nothing Jon Hamm can't do well? That's one of the questions the team over at Nerdist wanted to find out, so they invited Hamm and his fellow "Men" Vincent Kartheiser (Pete), Rich Sommer (Harry) and show creator Matt Weiner out for a chance to win money for charity ... if they could beat them in a round of bowling.

If the "Men" won, that'd be $10,000 to their choice of charity. If not ... well, the nerds (who include site founder Chris Hardwick and "Weird Al" Yankovic) would rule the day.

(Note: the video has a few bleeped-out words, and some words that aren't bleeped out might not be appropriate for all audiences.)

Hardwick turned out to be a ringer -- he knew how to bowl well already, only stumbling when he started to get genuine praise from his team members and competitors alike.

Hamm, bearded, wry and making obscene sculptures out of Play-Doh (pixelated out of the video) certainly held his own in the tight competition. Rich, however, apparently took a "semester of bowling" in college so he would be tough to beat as well. "I skipped a lot," he admitted.

As the afternoon wore on, however, the activity got more competitive -- fake punches were thrown (someone else clearly wanted to take a swing at Vincent, who got hit recently as Pete on the series), the game of Operation got on everyone's nerves, and then there was all that Play-Doh amidst some surprisingly (or not) juvenile minds. (Hamm conveniently tossed a banana peel on the approach lane just as Hardwick was about to throw once: "I think banana peels are hilarious jokes," said Hamm.)

So who won in the end? Let Hamm suggest how things went: "Is it [expletive] that he’s inviting people to come so he can beat them at a sport that he’s clearly semi-professional at?" he groused when it was all over, referring to Hardwick. "I think the obvious answer is 'yes.'"

Well, nobody's perfect.

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