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Can Kelsey Grammer Do Reality TV Better Than Camille?

Real Housewives is taken, but Kelsey Grammer still thinks there are plenty of other good ideas out there.
/ Source: E!online

Real Housewives is taken, but Kelsey Grammer still thinks there are plenty of other good ideas out there.

The Emmy-winning actor has teamed with one of the producers of Paris Hilton: My New BFF to form G3 Productions, which will be entirely devoted to unscripted programming, Variety reported Tuesday.

His Grammnet Productions partner, Brian Sher, is also in on the deal. Their major credits to date include Medium, The Game (which recently had a renaissance on BET) and Girlfriends.

Well, now Camille Grammer has yet another reason to stay in the reality-TV biz: petty rivalry.

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"I knew that Kelsey loved this space and would love to pop some big shows," BFF producer and new G3 partner Stella Bulochnikov-Stolper told Variety. "The idea that he would lend his name and brain and star power to working on some formats was so exciting to me, and then to have a partner like Zodiak to produce them and sell them all over the world --that's really going to produce some fireworks."

Their first project, called Boss, has already received an eight-episode pickup from Starz.

Added Grammer: "Combining all of our talents with the people at Zodiak USA makes for an even more exciting collaboration." Zodiak USA's credits include the masterfully titled truTV series Hardcore Pawn.

The news comes on the eve of a pivotal hearing in the estranged exes' divorce proceedings. Kelsey is looking to have their split finalized during tomorrow's proceedings, while Camille has filed a lengthy motion demanding that they stay technically married (thereby making it impossible for Kelsey to remarry) until their finances and child-custody issues have been sorted out.

In documents filed this month, Camille's attorney said that she and Kelsey had amassed over the course of their nearly 13-year marriage "an enormous community estate valued at approximately $120 million," and fortunes like that need time to be apportioned properly.

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