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Cady Groves' brother responds to troll who questioned her cause of death

The singer-songwriter died of natural causes at age 30, Cody Groves said.
/ Source: TODAY

Cady Groves' brother is firing back at an internet troll who questioned the singer's cause of death.

Cody Groves tweeted Sunday that the "This Little Girl" singer had died of "natural causes" at age 30. He explained that a medical examiner had found "no indication of foul play or self harm."

Singer Cady Groves in a 2012 photoAP

"She had some medical problems last fall and our best guess at this point until further testing is complete is that they had resurfaced. Please respect her name and family before sharing information that did not come directly from here," Groves stated.

The explanation apparently wasn't enough for one commenter, who responded, "People do not die of 'natural causes' at age 30. FYI."

Groves addressed the troll in a follow-up tweet, writing, "I didn't say old age. Educate yourself. 'Death from natural causes might be old age, a heart attack, stroke, illness, or infection.'"

He later tweeted again, saying, "The problem with ignorance is it causes people to speak without due diligence of research."

Cady Groves was born in Kansas and was living in Nashville, Tennessee, at the time of her death. She began her career in 2009 and toured with acts like Good Charlotte, Third Eye Blind and LMFAO before transitioning to country music in recent years, according to Vel Records. She had been preparing to release new music for the first time since her 2017 single "Oil and Water."

Cady Groves is the third of the family's siblings to die at a young age.

Kelly Groves died at 28 in 2013 after struggles with prescription drug addiction following a serious car accident, about seven years after older brother Casey Groves also died at 28 from prescription drug abuse, Cody Groves told The Oklahoman in 2014.

Cody Groves initially announced his sister's death by tweeting a photo of him and the singer together. "Rest In Peace little sis. Hope you’re reunited with @kellydgroves and Casey," he wrote.