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Buzz: ‘Dancing’ harder than walking on moon

“Walking on the moon was a piece of cake,” the astronaut tells PEOPLE. “This is a challenge!” But don’t count him out — he’s “been in pretty good shape.”
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On July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin became the second man to walk on the moon. Now, at age 80, he’s taking a brave step onto the dance floor on “Dancing With the Stars.” How do the two compare?

“Walking on the moon was a piece of cake,” Aldrin tells PEOPLE. “This is a challenge!”

But Aldrin, who will dance with pro Ashly Costa, says he thinks he’s up for it: After all, he took Arthur Murray dance instruction in the earlier years, and went to many formal dances in his years at West Point.

“We danced wearing gloves,” he recalls. “I’ve probably neglected my Lightfoot Louie on the dance floor, but I always have a lot to learn. I didn’t take up skiing until I was 50.”

So, don’t count him out because of his age. “I come from strong Swedish stock and have been pretty good shape for a while,” he says. “I walk pretty fast in the airport.”