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Buyer bites on Britney's half-eaten food

Someone cares enough about the preggers pop star to pay more than $500 for her allegedly half-eaten egg salad sandwich.
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Who says Britney Spears’ star has faded? Someone cares enough about the preggers pop star to pay more than $500 for her allegedly half-eaten egg salad sandwich.

The eBay sale also came with a corn dog that was supposedly mostly eaten by her hubby Kevin Federline — but that Spears also took a chomp out of.

The seller claims that he works part time at a “fancy schmancy” hotel and was serving Spears and Federline during a catered affair where the food ranged from fine gourmet cuisine to deep-fried eats. “As you can see, they weren't eating high class that night,” notes the seller.

Spears ate half her sandwich, claims the seller, then a few bites from the second half. K-Fed ate a few things, “but the only leftover item I managed to pick up from him was this corn dog,” notes the seller. “Later I went to clear their plates with it, and as I was picking up the plate Britney picked [the corn dog] up really quick giggled and said ‘I can't let that go to waste’ and quickly took a big bite off of the stick end of the corn dog. I was still standing there holding the plate, not quite sure what to do because Britney Spears was stealing corn dogs off the plate I was pulling away. She finished her bite and put it back on the plate I was holding and said ‘thanks!’ ”

Realizing the celeb treasures he had in his possession, the waiter took the leftovers home, photographed them, had them vacuum sealed, and put them for sale on Australian eBay.

Forty-three bids were placed before a buyer paid $520 for the goodies. The winning bidder was identified as GoldenPalaceCasino, which in the past has engaged in publicity stunts such as paying a woman to tattoo her forehead with their company logo.

Stoning Stone in ItalyOliver Stone was lauded in the U.S. for not politicizing his 9/11 flick, but that decision got him booed overseas.

Applause was mingled with audible boos when the film was shown at the Venice Film Festival on Friday, and some critics “were peeved that Stone went for sentiment over a more political story,” according to Agence France Presse.

“I wish you had been kinder in your assessment,” Stone was quoted as saying.

Spike Lee’s highly politicized film about Hurricane Katrina, “When the Levees Broke: A Requiem in Four Acts,” however, won warm applause.

Notes from all overKid Rock was booed when he attended a Los Angeles Dodgers-Cincinnati Reds game in L.A. with new wife Pamela Anderson. “I realized he was wearing a Detroit hat,” according to Anderson. “So I switched his hat to the L.A. one. He was going for L.A. over Cincinnati, but will always be a Detroit boy.”  . . . Those nit pickers over at who love to find errors in flicks will start going after book flubs. The first target: mega-bestselling “The DaVinci Code.” Among the 10 errors cited: “The large glass pyramid at the Louvre consists of 673 glass squares, not 666.” Also, the character of Teabing is a “die hard British patriot, yet he refers to the sport of soccer,” notes the site. “No Englishman would use the word soccer for the game of football.” . . . Madonna is dismissing buzz that her “Confessions” tour is the swan song to her music career and that she’ll be quitting the biz when she’s finished. “I basically see no limits to what you can achieve,” she told Sky News. “Why would I not want to make more music? I love it and so do my fans. I have more club music in mind. It’s where I started and funnily enough, it’s now huge again. I’m writing the new album now, while we're on tour.”

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