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Busy Philipps reflects on 20-year friendship with Michelle Williams in moving birthday post

Philipps and Williams have been BFFs since their "Dawson's Creek" days.
/ Source: TODAY

Busy Philipps celebrated Michelle Williams' 40th birthday by sharing a rare childhood photo of the Oscar nominee.

Philipps and Williams met in the late 1990s as co-stars on the teen drama "Dawson's Creek" and have been best friends ever since. To honor Williams' special day, Philipps, 41, shared a pair of pics on Instagram of the two women primping their hair, along with a third photo of Williams as an adorable little girl.

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"I love these pictures. Because it’s just truly so us," Philipps wrote in her caption. "I can’t believe my best friend is 40. We met 20 years ago, which makes no sense because we’re still 27."

Philipps went on to lament that she couldn't be with the "Manchester by the Sea" star to celebrate in person.

"I really wish I could be with my friend tonight celebrating how special and incredible and brilliant she is," she continued. "And to tell her in person how I’m eternally grateful that we met all those years ago because there’s no one I’d rather weather all the storms with and celebrate all the wonderful things with and cry and cry and laugh and laugh and drink and not drink with."

Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps
Michelle Williams, left, and and Busy Philipps at the 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards in January 2020.Steve Granitz / WireImage

The former "Busy Tonight" host said she took comfort in knowing "life is long" and "there are so many more birthdays to come." She also imagined her and Williams as gray-haired old women shopping together at farmers markets.

"I can’t wait to be old someday with my friend and go to farmers markets in the countryside with her — my long grey hair parted in the middle and pulled tightly back in a bun and she in some giant sun hat, protecting her still perfect porcelain skin," she mused. "And then we, two old ladies who met when they were girls, jokingly will say to the lady farmer selling us oranges “you won’t believe this — we’ve been friends 50 years! Which makes no sense because we’re only 40!"

She added: "And then Michelle will turn to me and say (for the girl’s benefit), 'well, I’M only 40, B. You’re 41.' And we will look at each other and link arms and laugh. Happy birthday, M. I love you."

The pair's bond is so strong that Williams once called Philipps "the love of my life." The BFFs have shared plenty of laughs together, like when Philipps was recovering from sinus surgery in May 2018, and Williams cheered her up by sending her a life-size cardboard cutout of herself.

They also have had each other's backs during tough times.

In January 2018, Philipps shared a photo of herself comforting Williams on the 10th anniversary of Heath Ledger's death. Williams and Ledger dated for more than two years and welcomed a daughter, Matilda, together in 2005.

The emotional photo depicted Williams on that sad day leaning with her eyes closed on Philipps' shoulder. Across the image, Philips shared a simple, heartfelt message to her friend: "It's OK."