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Bush twin faces the music

One of the Bush twins got an unwelcome musical dedication. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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One of the Bush twins got an unwelcome musical dedication. Barbara, the Yalie, was at a club called Rudy’s in New Haven recently where the all-gay punk group Pansy Division was playing. During the concert, the band dedicated its virulent anti-Bush song, “Political A———,” to Barbara Bush.

“I didn't see her reaction,” singer and guitarist Jon Ginoli tells The Scoop.

“I’m not even sure that she was in the room at the time — she might have been in the back room playing pool or something.” But, he adds, “the crowd loved it.”

A spokesman for the Bush family had no comment. “We don’t discuss anything the girls do,” he told The Scoop.

Novel resemblance

Jennifer Lopez isn’t discussing Jackie Collins’ latest literary effort.

But fans of Collins are sure talking about J.Lo. They’re buzzing that the character of Lola Sanchez in “Hollywood Divorces” bears more than a passing resemblance to Lopez. Sanchez “has Jennifer Lopez written all over her,” notes one reviewer. The character is a sexy Latina superstar who marries a boring man to distance herself from the scandal-scarred true love. Notes the reviewer, “Did someone say P. Diddy?”

Collins has admitted that the characters in her novels are inspired by real life people — with details changed — but she has publicly denied that the character is based on Lopez . She has, however, made some of those denials in mock horror. And when asked on “The View” what she thought of Lopez’s romance with Ben Affleck, Collins replied that J.Lo “should be with P. Diddy.”

“I find it hard to believe” that Sanchez is based on Lopez, J.Lo’s spokeswoman told The Scoop, “and Jennifer won’t comment on that.”

Notes from all over

Speaking of J. Lo, some men may get weak in the knees for her, but she doesn’t do much for Stella McCartney. “Unlike other designers, I am incapable of saying, for example, that Jennifer Lopez inspires me,” Paul McCartney’s designing daughter told the London Express. . . . Phil Collins is telling people that Disney is annoyed with him for not doing more to promote “Brother Bear” — the animated flick he scored. . . . Don’t hold your breath waiting for a “Lord of the Rings” museum. Peter Jackson, who directed the trilogy, says that the son of the late author of the books, J.R.R. Tolkien, has put the kibosh on a LOTR museum filled with props and costumes from the flicks. Jackson told The Australian newspaper that New Line studios, which made the films, doesn’t “have the legal authority to allow [the museum] to happen,” according to “That’s kept by the Tolkien estate, and so the Tolkien estate so far has refused.”

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