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Busey, Haggard baffle in 'Wife Swap' interview

Actor Gary Busey and former New Life Church pastor Ted Haggard promoted their appearances on ABC's "Celebrity Wife Swap" in a bizarre interview on the Los Angeles morning show "Good Day L.A."

Before the interview began, the program ran clips that featured Haggard saying he doesn't think gays are Satanic, and Busey telling Haggard's wife that he's lived past lives as a Native American, a fighter at the Alamo and a witch burned at the stake.

Busey began the interview by thanking host Steve Edwards for being nice to him when he was nominated for an Oscar for 1978's "The Buddy Holly Story."

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After that, the rocky ride began.

Co-host Dorothy Lucey told Busey he was "crazy," and received no response from the actor other than silence and an inquiry into who asked the question.

Technical glitches occurred throughout the satellite tour, with awkward pauses between questions and answers, and all involved frequently interrupting one another.

The interview subjects spoke more about their views on faith than "Celebrity Wife Swap" and wondered aloud "what these guys had for breakfast" when the talk turned to gay marriage.

Edwards' comment near the end of the segment summed up the exchange best, "We have to go, not because this is uncomfortable."

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