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Bullock suspected affair before magazine story

When it comes to Jesse James’ betrayal, there is one small thing to take solace in: Sandra Bullock did not learn about the cheating because her rep received a call from a magazine.

When it comes to the sordid details of Jesse James’ betrayal of Sandra Bullock, there is one small comfort: The actress did not learn about the cheating because her publicist received a call for comment from In Touch Weekly, the magazine that broke the story.

According to a person with knowledge of that phone call, Bullock’s representative seemed to have most of the information about James’ extra-marital activities already.

“The call was made on Monday and the rep never denied it once,” said the source. “The rep was read all the dirty texts (between James and Michelle “Bombshell” McGee) and the rep asked all the right questions — about the dates, times, etc. of all the texts, and that was it. It all went down pretty easily actually.”

So when did Bullock find out about James and McGee’s affair?

“It was definitely before (the day of the call). Bullock was suspecting something before McGee went public,” said a Bullock insider.

Haim’s ex-fiancée foretold his death Cindy Guyer, onetime fiancée of Corey Haim, is now coming forward to say that she felt that the actor’s death was something those close to him could see coming.

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“We almost knew it was going to happen — he was such a mess,” Guyer told Life & Style magazine. “He had a devil inside him, and the devil was the drug.”

The two met in 2000, and a few days after their meeting, Haim asked her to marry him, but their relationship quickly fell apart. “He got violent and temperamental,” she told the magazine. “He was doing a lot of drugs.”

Guyer also said that she was the one who booked him a spot in rehab. “I thought: I’m not going to be responsible for getting anyone on drugs, so I booked him into Betty Ford. He ended up walking out of rehab eight days later.”

After that, Guyer said, she avoided Haim, but he did call to apologize a few years ago. “I tried my best to help him,” she said. “It’s very, very sad.”

Simpson spending more time with Renner
“Hurt Locker” star Jeremy Renner has been firm about the fact that he is not dating Jessica Simpson, however, the two are spending more time together.

On March 20, Renner and Simpson, who is currently starring in “The Price of Beauty,” saw the Pulitzer Prize–winning play “The Subject Was Roses” with pals before ending the night at The Association bar in downtown Los Angeles, according to Us Weekly. “They are starting to hang out,” a source told Us.

As to whether the “hanging out” could become something more romantic, the source said, “It could go in that direction, but it hasn’t yet.”

Meanwhile, “They are not dating,” Renner’s rep said.

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