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Bullock shows off her dating skills at Harvard

The Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year wooed the crowd
/ Source: The Associated Press

Actress Sandra Bullock had to show off her dating skills Thursday to earn a shiny, brass pudding pot and the title of Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year.

Bullock, who has acted with some of Hollywood’s most charming leading men, sauntered across the stage, and playing with her golden brown hair, tried to woo a Harvard student wearing a costume with bulging padded biceps and leather pants.

“This is the one that always works, whether the man is inebriated, whether he’s gay or straight, married or single. I walk up like this, and I do like a little hair thing, and I say this: ‘Hi. I have a more than a million dollars in my bank account and I’m single,”’ Bullock said to a cheering audience.

Before receiving the award, Bullock led a parade through Harvard Square, riding in the back of a black convertible flanked by co-presenters John Blickstead, dressed in a long purple, yellow, red and blue dress and a blonde wig, and Clare Putnam, wearing a brown dog costume with a British flag patch.

Bullock, 39, has starred in the romantic comedies “Two Weeks Notice,” “Miss Congeniality,” and “While You Were Sleeping,” which earned her a Golden Globe nomination. She is slated to appear next in “Miss Congeniality 2.”

Actor Robert Downey Jr. is to receive the Hasty Pudding Man of the Year Award on Thursday at the opening night of the theatrical group’s production, “As the World Turns.”

Last year’s Hasty Pudding honorees were actress Anjelica Huston and director Martin Scorsese.

The awards are given to performers who have made a “lasting and impressive contribution to the world of entertainment” by Hasty Pudding Theatricals, the nation’s oldest undergraduate drama troupe.