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Bullies terrorize ‘Desperate Housewives’

Edie's new husband, Dave, continues to manipulate lives on Wisteria Lane, all while keeping his own past a closely guarded secret.
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This week on Wisteria Lane: Bullies were everywhere, but nowhere more outwardly than when Gaby's daughter, Juanita, pushed Susan's son, M.J., around. Of course their moms became involved, culminating in a catfight between Susan and Gaby in full view of the street. The moms later made up over booze, and Susan encouraged Gaby to use her anger to get back the life she feels she lost.

Is even Edie this clueless? Viewers are expected to believe that Edie knows absolutely zero about new husband Dave — not the state he was born in, not his educational background, nothing. Of course this is how it has to be so Dave can serve as the block's latest Mystery Man and eventually wreak havoc on Wisteria Lane, but it seems a bit hard to buy, even for the not-so-curious Edie. When Karen McCluskey and Katherine finally get Edie to ask one question, Dave swiftly and smoothly turns it around, convincing a whole room of people to feel sorry for him, and ensuring that Edie won't ask anything personal again.

Mommy dearest: Bree and Orson are thrilled when Danielle, lawyer husband Leo, and Benjy return for a visit. But Bree disapproves of nearly everything Danielle does, and when she feeds vegetarian Benjy hot dogs and he urps them back up, Danielle takes him and flees, again.

Things Danielle does that Bree disapproves of: Allows her son to call her by her first name, raises him vegetarian, homeschools, is raising him Jewish.

Rocking in the free world: Bree was hard to take, but no "Housewife" came off worse this week than Lynette. First, she all but ordered Tom to give up all the equipment for hobbies he still dreamed of pursuing. Then, when he started up a garage band with Creepy Dave, she yelled at him and eventually arranged it so that Tom destroyed his own bass, blaming it on their innocent daughter, Penny. (Hi, Penny! Glad to know you're still around, unlike Kayla!) But Lynette also could be bullied -- Dave bought Tom a new bass and guilted her into giving it to him. Let the music play.

Baby, you can drive my car: As Gaby and family continue to slide down the slippery slope of social class, they were forced to sell their fancy car for a lemon purchased from Bree's son, Andrew. He drove a hard bargain in dumping the clunker on the Solises, but when it broke down, it was Gaby who convinced him to help pay for the repairs -- by threatening to smash his gleaming red sportscar. Yes, Gaby's still got that fire.

Best line: Gaby, when Carlos agreed to a price cut on the car they were selling: "No, no, no! The non-driving blind guy does not speak for me!"

Fashion flub of the week: Bree sat down to her elaborate family dinner wearing a high-necked ruffled blouse that would not be out of place on a portrait of a colonial First Lady.

The plot thickens: Dave quickly discovered that it was Karen McCluskey who encouraged his otherwise indifferent wife, Edie, to pry into his past. He's already started to plot his revenge, however, hinting that Karen may be developing dementia and paranoia. Sometime tells us that even if she is paranoid, that doesn't mean Dave isn't out to get her.