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Bryan Cranston doesn't know how to use his 'badonkadonk' on 'Tonight Show'

It was all fun and games on "The Tonight Show" Monday night as Jimmy Fallon faced off with guest Bryan Cranston for a rousing word game. But as the two tried to fit random words and phrases seamlessly into their conversation for Word Sneak, it soon became clear that the former "Breaking Bad" star just didn't know where to squeeze in his "badonkadonk."

Everything went smoothly at first, as Fallon and Cranston lobbed lines with ease. Fallon wondered whether Cranston's next big screen co-star, Godzilla, would ever wear "dungarees." In turn, Cranston found that as ridiculous as trying to eat soup with a "spork."

But not all words rolled right off the actor's tongue. After Fallon deftly inquired about whether or not Cranston could use the services of an understudy, say someone like "Patrick Duffy," Cranston attempted to make his next word work — with some difficulty.

"Patrick Duffy played that manimal, right?" Cranston said, referring to Duffy's role in the '70s NBC sci-fi program "Man from Atlantis." "He played in a series where he had webbed feet all the time, and he ... 'bad-a-kon-donk.'"

Say what?

While Fallon doubled over with laughter, Cranston mouthed to the audience, "What is that?"

"It's not an Indian name!" the host exclaimed as he thoroughly enjoyed the backside confusion.

"The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" airs weeknights at 11:35 on NBC.

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