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Bruce Willis takes on Oprah

Actor goes after talk-show host for the way she treated James Frey
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Bruce Willis isn't holding back as he takes the side of the only man ever to be kicked out of Oprah's Book Club.

Access' Tim Vincent reported back as Bruce went off.

“Let me say something. They're giving James Frey all this s*#@ (about) his book,” Bruce said. “He didn't tell the truth. You actually wrote something that's fiction? Now he's banished from the kingdom.’

Bruce, who was supposed to be promoting his new film, “16 Blocks,” unexpectedly defended disgraced memoirist James Frey and bashed Oprah's very public berating of the author.

“Oprah, you had Bill Clinton on your show,” Bruce said. “Do you remember? Give this guy a break. His publisher put the memoir thing on there.”

Bruce continued his Oprah tirade on “If” magazine’s Web site, adding: “…having to go be sucker-punched on "Oprah" by one of the most powerful women in television just to grind her own axe…”

Willis also asks why Frey's literary lies are put to task but the tabloids get away with it.

“Every week there's seven glossy magazines, In Touch, People, US Weekly, printing f*#@&** lies all the time,” Bruce said. “So, give me a break. Now, we can talk about the movie now that I got that off my chest.”

But Bruce also told us: “I admire Oprah Winfrey, she does a great job. I have great respect for what she does for people all over the world and I think her book club is so important.”