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Brooke Mueller still misses Charlie Sheen

So far, the most memorable moments from “The World According to Paris Hilton” have nothing to do with the new show’s namesake. Instead it’s Hilton’s BFF, Brooke Mueller, who continues to steal the reality TV spotlight.

It looks like that trend will continue on the next episode of the show wherein Mueller announces that even after all of their oh-so-public problems, she still misses her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen.

"I’m reminiscing about last year and I’m kind of missing Charlie a little bit," Mueller told her assistant. "You know, there’s times I miss him."

When the assistant questioned what her boss could possibly miss about such a "miserable" marriage, Mueller went on the defensive.

"I don't want to hear you bashing Charlie right now. I just don’t want to hear you," she insisted. "I’m allowed to miss parts of my husband — my ex-husband."

By the end of the exchange, a frustrated Mueller turned to her mother and cried.

"I’m alone," she said. "There are times I miss him. This just happens to be one of the times. He’s the father of my kids."

On an earlier episode of "The World According to Paris Hilton," Mueller tried to put her ex out of her mind as she and the same assistant went on a double date. Watch what happened here:

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