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Bad Broadway etiquette: Theatergoer takes stage to charge phone

On July 2, a theatergoer decided the set of "Hand to God" was the right place to charge his phone — right there on stage, in a prop outlet.
/ Source: TODAY

Lucky enough to score some tickets to a hot Broadway play? Congrats! Now here are a few rules you should know: Show up before the curtain goes up. No talking during the show. And please, turn your phone off.

OK, maybe you don't have to turn it off completely. But at least put it on vibrate. And if it's not too much to ask, don't storm the stage and plug it into the nearest on-set outlet.

Yes, that last one actually happened.

Person holding a

On July 2, one theatergoer decided the set of "Hand to God" was the perfect place to charge up his phone — right there, in a prop outlet.

The bold (and unbelievably tacky) move put a brief halt to the preshow music while the audience was informed that the stage was, in fact, off-limits for charging.

Man tries to charge phone on stage at play
At the Broadway play “Hand to God,” a member of the audience jumped out of his seat, climbed onto the stage, and tried to plug his phone into an outlet on the set. The crew stopped the play and removed the phone.TODAY

"Hand to God" stars Sarah Stiles and Mark Kudisch, along with other witnesses, were quick to give their opinions about it on social media.

"Has theatre etiquette — heck, Common Sense — really fallen that far??" one audience member asked on Facebook.

Evidently, yes!

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