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Brittany Snow, Bradley Cooper feel the horror

This spring’s bunch is bit tamer than the torture-porn flicks of past seasons.
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The horror, the horror — audiences may actually be sick of torture porn. Consider that while “Saw III” made more than $80 million, “Saw IV” only pulled in a bit more than $63. And “Hostel II” only took in $17 million, while its predecessor earned more than $47 million. Meanwhile, last year’s “Turistas” took in a paltry $7 million. This spring’s horror films take a bit more old-fashioned approach. We shall see if less gore earns more money.

“Prom Night”
Brittany Snow, Scott Porter, Jessica Stroup, Dana Davis, Collins Pennie, Kelly BlatzDirector: Nelson McCormickStory: Snow stars as Donna, a high school senior who hopes to put a tragedy from her past behind her and make prom the best night of her life. But the night turns deadly when a sadistic killer from the past comes back to seek revenge. One to watch? No. Even though director McCormick told that this is a remake of the 1980 film in name only, the concept still feels awfully tired. He went on to say, “The interesting thing about this film is that (the killer) is not my shark in ‘Jaws,’ he’s not my creature in ‘Alien,’ he is driven by an obsession. He doesn't have a bloodlust, he just wants her. He's got… oh God, there's a word for it — it's the same disease that John Hinckley had with Jodie Foster.” Nothing new to see here, move along. Coming: April 11Web site:

The Midnight Meat Train
The Ruins