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Britney's breakdown? Courtney Love was first!

While Britney Spears rebuilds her post-breakdown image, Courtney Love is reminding fans that she's already been there, done that.
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While Britney Spears rebuilds her post-breakdown image, another singing celeb is busy reminding fans she’s been there, done that. Or at least the breakdown part. In an interview with the British edition of Elle magazine, Courtney Love called dibs on the public fall from grace.

“I had a long, hard fall,” the former Hole frontwoman confessed. “I set the stage for Britney to crash and burn. I went through it all first.”

Despite grabbing rock-bottom bragging rights long before the pop princess ever took shears to scalp, Love claims she had luck on her side during her tough times. Her drug-fueled days with late rocker Kurt Cobain allegedly had little impact on their daughter, Frances Bean.

“My daughter knows I did drugs in my first trimester of pregnancy,” Love told the magazine. “She weighed 7 pounds 6 ounces when she was born and she was healthy. We were excellent parents, and I say that despite pretty much always having an edge on.”

Is Paris putting Benji to the test? Sure, Paris Hilton and Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden publicly called it quits less than two weeks ago, but according to Showbiz Spy, that doesn’t mean the romance is over. It might just be a part of Hilton’s grand relationship plan.

“Paris wants to know if she absolutely can't stand to be apart from him,” a source revealed. “That's her test to make sure this is the guy for her.”

If Madden passes the test, the insider hints the next step could be a big one — down the aisle.

“She has felt something she has never felt before with anyone with Benji,” the source said, “but needs to be 100 percent certain she is ready to be Mrs. Madden.”

Dish on the fly Though she’s not naming names, actress Kate Hudson admits she once fell so hard for a man, she resorted to extreme measures to get his attention. “I did go through this stalker phase,” the “Fool’s Gold” star said in a quote posted to Star Pulse. “I was completely crazy about this one guy and used to drive by his house and get my friends to call me up if they saw him in a restaurant so I could show up.” Not surprisingly, the creepy tactic failed to get the guy. … Amy Winehouse’s soon-to-be ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, says he’s the one to blame for the R&B singer’s downward spiral with drugs. “I dragged Amy into it and without me there is no doubt that she would never have gone down that road,” he told News of the World. “I ruined something beautiful.” … If she has to choose between her man and her dog, actress Kate Bosworth will pick the pooch every time. “I grew up with the dogs sleeping in the beds,” the actress revealed in an interview with Marie Claire. “My boyfriend found that really odd the first couple of times he stayed over.” But her model-turned-musician beau, James Rousseau, learned to live with the arrangement. After all, Kate added, “the dog will stay in the bed before the man will!”

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