Pop Culture

Britney is a woman of many bathroom breaks

You may want to start calling her Brit-wee Spears now after the pop star was caught on camera making four restroom pit stops last night.

The “Baby One More Time” singer has been in Las Vegas reportedly working on her new songs and staying at the Palms Casino. Unfortunately for poor little Brit, instead of being able to relieve her bladder in the comfort of her own $40K a night suite, she was forced to use several public facilities over the course of her evening.

Her first potty break came after visiting a Chevron in Vegas. Perhaps to ensure at least one adult was in the car with her children at all times, the singer left her assistant at the wheel and got out to pump her own gas, with the help of some paparazzi snappers.

Shortly thereafter a freezing Brrrr-itney dashed to the loo, while borrowing the photogs jacket.

While no one knows what went on inside, we can only imagine the facilities must not have been to her liking as the singer popped back out and visited another gas station restroom. Unfortunately for her, despite poundings on the door by the paps, the person inside door number two held their ground.

Luckily In-N-Out Burger, former BFF Paris Hilton’s favorite joint, was open and Britney was able to go there. Following that she made one more stop at another gas station’s restroom.

Whether she was making a grand effort to potty train her kids or just relieving herself after enjoying a super sized soda, we may never know.