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Britney wants 'Glee' role to be like 'Where's Waldo'

The pop star will soon join the ranks of “Glee” guest stars, and she’s going to have a big say in the part she plays on the show, which will be a version of herself, the show's creator says.
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Britney Spears will soon join the ranks of “Glee” guest stars, and she’s going to have a big say in the part she plays on the show.

“Well, it's her idea. She sort of wants to do a 'Where's Waldo?'-type thing with 'Where's Britney?' ” “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy told MTV News at the "Eat, Pray, Love" premiere Tuesday in New York. He added that the singer will “kind of” be playing a version of herself.

Murphy said that it was really the cast who pushed for Spears to be on the show. Since the young “Glee” actors and actresses fondly remember the heyday of the singer’s career, they wanted to pay homage to her.

“The reason we're doing it is because so many of the kids on the show say, 'We grew up with Britney. We want to do Britney.' So I said, 'OK,' but I'm filled with admiration for her,” he said.

“I met with Britney Spears years and years and years ago right when ' ... Baby One More Time' came out and I was sort of starting my career, and I've always loved her,” Murphy said. “I think what she's done in turning everything around is remarkable, and the show is just a love letter to her music.”

‘Gossip Girl’ couple together again On-again, off-again real-life “Gossip Girl” couple Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr are glued together once again, but they’re making an extra effort to stay out of the paparazzo’s eyes.

The couple was “very adamant about no photos” while they were hanging out at the VIP area of Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend, according to an onlooker.

“On Friday night, they stopped by the Black Keys afterparty at Crimson Lounge at the Sax Hotel with two friends and beelined to the VIP area (while) trying to sneak past photographers and press,” said the source.

Celebs getting politicalBarack Obama’s election brought a considerable portion of Hollywood to the forefront of political campaigning, and now with the administration hitting the halfway point, celebrities are becoming more outspoken again.

Case in point: Rosario Dawson, Wilmer Valderrama and Eva Longoria Parker are speaking up against Arizona's strict immigration law. The three have teamed up with friends — including Jessica Alba, Tim Daly, Amy Smart, Blair Underwood, Common and Carla Gugino — to film "United We Win," a PSA on behalf of Voto Latino and Mun2. The video was made to encourage voter turnout in November elections.

“It was a really friendly environment,” a source with knowledge of the Aug. 5 Los Angeles shoot said. “The tone was serious, but there was definitely time to catch up off-set and that kind of thing,” she said. “People enlisted were pretty much direct friends of Rosario or Eva.”

Everyone was cracking jokes, including Longoria Parker, who took off her sweater. The source added that the actress said “more skin is sexy,” but not before she took a picture of the group. “Take one with my Blackberry so I can tweet it!” she said. The source also noted that Valderrama had Amy Smart in stitches, telling her, “Just say my name after every word.”

A teaser video starring Cameron Diaz, Padma Lakshmi from "Top Chef" and Morena Baccarin from "V" was released on Aug. 3 to encourage people to send in their photos, which will be included as part of a montage in the PSA, which will be released in September.

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