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Britney Spears talks playing spin the bottle with Ryan Gosling on 'Ellen'

During their days as cast members of "The Mickey Mouse Club," Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were close (even if they didn't date until they left the show). But was there any hanky-panky going on between Spears and another Mouseketeer ... namely, Ryan Gosling?

Spears was on "Ellen" Tuesday to talk about her upcoming Las Vegas residency, and she swore there wasn't — no matter what DeGeneres said Gosling told her.

"Ryan Gosling said when y'all were in 'Mickey Mouse Club,' you played spin the bottle together, you and him," said DeGeneres. "Did you do that? That's what he said."

"I did that, but I didn't kiss him, though," said Spears. "The only person I kissed was Justin."

(Spears, Timberlake and Gosling were on the show between 1993-95, along with Christina Aguilera and others.)

"So he would play spin the bottle and then you would just not kiss him?" asked DeGeneres. And when Spears told her the bottle never landed on him, DeGeneres clarified: Gosling had reportedly told her that it was just himself and Spears in the game. 

"He's a liar," added DeGeneres. "He's good looking but he's a liar, that Ryan Gosling."

Check out the video for more on Spears' Vegas visit, which kicks off on Dec. 27 at the Planet Hollywood Casino.