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Britney Spears’ independence day on the way

After living nearly two years under the terms of a court-ordered conservatorship, Britney Spears may soon be back in charge of her own life.
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After living nearly two years under the terms of a court-ordered conservatorship, Britney Spears may soon be back in charge of her own life.

On Monday, gossip site TMZ revealed “lawyers and others connected with the case” have taken the first steps toward ending the extreme measure, which was first put in place after Spears suffered a public downward spiral. But before the pop star can regain her personal decision-making power from father Jamie Spears, she must first prove she’s made the necessary progress.

That part of the process requires a psychiatric evaluation by a “capacity expert,” according to TMZ, and then the court’s commissioner has the final say.

Alas, should she pass the progress test, Britney Spears would only be celebrating a partial independence day, as she’s currently under a duel order. The conservatorship over her personal life is likely to be lifted. The same can’t be said of the order that controls her business affairs.

Lambert wouldn’t change AMA performance
No amount of network snubs or FCC complaints can convince Adam Lambert he did anything wrong during last month’s American Music Awards. In an interview for Barbara Walter’s “10 Most Fascinating People of 2009,” the “American Idol” alum insisted, given everything he knows now, he still wouldn’t change his performance.

The many looks of Adam Lambert

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The many looks of Adam Lambert

From motorcycle jackets to snazzy suits, the “American Idol” runner-up knew how to dress for each song.

“You know adrenaline is a funny, funny thing,” Lambert told the veteran journalist. “I got really excited. I had been watching the first half of the show out in the audience, and made me feel competitive, it made me feel … inspired. And I was like when I get up there … I'm going to have a great time and, the minute I started the number energy took over. You can't plan everything, if I did a performance exactly how I rehearsed it, it would be so boring.”

The explanation seems a lot like the standard non-mea culpa Lambert’s offered several times since that fateful groin-grabbing, face-grinding, finger-flicking night. The only difference came when the singer confessed, adrenaline-fueled or not, if he could go back, he wouldn’t change a thing — well, just one thing.

“I would actually probably try to breathe a little bit more,” Lambert said. “I was a little out of breath, the vocal suffered.” As for the other aspects of the show, he insisted he had “no regrets.”

Melanoma group slams O’Donnell’s sun safe stance
She’s no doctor, but Rosie O’Donnell practically played one on TV recently. During an appearance on “Rachael Ray,” the tan-loving “Rosie Radio” host confidently contradicted modern medical wisdom by insisting, “exposure to the sun isn't dangerous.”

Celebrity Sightings

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Celebrity Sightings

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That declaration didn’t sit well with representatives of Ray Festa Melanoma Foundation. According to a report in the New York Post, the group now hopes to convince O’Donnell to retract her “ill-informed” statement and tape a public service announcement for the cause.

“Going out into the sun without protection is as, or even more dangerous, than having unprotected sex,” cartoonist and foundation supporter Marisa Marchetto told the paper.

Dish on the fly
A high school bully hoping to bypass Taylor Swift’s bodyguard found even the singer’s cell phone is protected. “(The bully) calls up my phone and he’s like, ‘Is Taylor there?’ and I just handed it to my bodyguard and I was like, ‘John, give him a talking to’,” the country-pop star recalled in a quote posted to Showbiz Spy. “So he’s like, ‘Yo, you don’t ever call this number ever again. I put my fist through your face.’ It was really great.” Best of all, Swift added, “It was effective.” … Her extreme physique may earn some awkward headlines, but according to Madonna, those maxed out muscles are just part of her job. “If I have to go out on stage and, you know, jump around in a pair of hot pants I better look good, and also when I perform I'm like an athlete, I have to be in good shape,” the 51-year-old recently explained in an interview with Britain’s GMTV. “I'm not panicked, I just know what my job is, and I know that if I want to be able to wear whatever I want to wear on stage, then my body better look good.”

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