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Is Britney Spears headed for rehab?

The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer reportedly checked into an exclusive spa “for some R&R”—and some are wondering if the a third “R”—rehab—is in store.
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Is Britney Spears headed for rehab?

The “Oops, I Did It Again” singer reportedly checked into an exclusive spa “for some R&R” — and some are wondering if the third “R” — rehab — is in store.

At a New Year’s Eve party, Spears passed out according to some reports, disputed by her rep, who insists that she just

Spears quietly checked into Sanctuary, a spa in Arizona, on New Year’s Day, according to Life & Style weekly.

“With these celebrities, ‘exhaustion’ sometimes means something else and a little rest at a spa sometimes actually translates into something a little more serious,” says a source.

Spears’ rep couldn’t be reached for comment, but L&S reports that the singer’s parents are urging their daughter to go into therapy.

“It’s just been heartbreaking for her parents to watch Britney on this downward spiral,” an “insider” told the mag. “It’s so sad.”

Did Anderson ditch her date?Pamela Anderson’s date on New Year’s Eve was Chuck Zito, but a source says she spent much of the evening trying to avoid the “Oz” star.

“She started out the evening going into [the L.A. nightclub] Tao, flashing a ringless finger to the press,” says a source. “She smiled for some of the cameras, but was not in the best of moods. Then, later in the evening, she was flirting with everyone around her except Zito, including Usher, Pauly Shore and Larry Birkhead [the photographer who is ],” according to a source.

“[Zito] was trying to get all sexy with her and unbuttoned his shirt to expose a tattoo and rubbed her exposed thigh, but Pam just looked away,” says a source. “At one point, he sort of put Pam in a playful choke-hold, but she seemed mostly annoyed and flirted with the other guys while she was in the choke-hold. She may like the bad-boy type, but even she has limits.”

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Paris Hilton
went to Australia recently to promote an Aussie beer and brought with her eight large bags of luggage and several smaller ones for a six day stay.  . . . Jamie Foxx plays a manipulative Motown record producer character in but the actor says he didn’t base his character on Motown’s legendary Berry Gordy. His inspiration was the record producers he’s met. “Some dude said to me, ‘I don’t give a damn if you sell one record or a million records — my check is still the same.’ I said, damn, how hard is your record company? Is this a gang? And this was right after the Oscars, so I was like, ‘Do they know who I — well, maybe I ain’t!’ It’s like the ugly guy who landed the good-looking girl. You don’t know why he landed her, but if you heard the conversations at home: ‘You know you’re really not that pretty, right?’” Foxx told DarkHorizons. “That’s what they do — they get the artists thinking about something that has nothing to do with his art in order to manipulate him.”  . . . Sounds like Madonna’s kid brother isn’t impressed with her guitar-playing skills. “When she really masters it, it’ll be comfortable to watch,” Christopher Ciccone told the Miami Herald. “Makes me giggle a little bit. But in this last tour, I was happy to see her really enjoying herself.”

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