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Britney Spears ‘freaks out’ schoolchildren

A “scantily clad” Britney reportedly popped up at a Beverly Hills elementary school, “freaking out” students while telling the grown-ups that she was there to pick up someone else’s kids.
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Apparently, creating a frightening environment for her own children isn’t enough for Britney Spears. Now she’s spooking random children in Beverly Hills, reports According to the Web site, a “scantily clad” Britney popped up at neighborhood elementary school, “freaking out” students while telling the grown-ups that she was there to pick up someone else’s kids.

“She was just rambling and confused,” one bystander said of Britney, who appeared just before 3 p.m. dismissal. “She said, ‘I’m here to pick up my kids.’ But then she changed her story and said, ‘They aren’t my kids; I have a new attorney, and I came to pick them up for her.’”

Echoing the thoughts of a nation, the witness added, “All I could think was, ‘Who in their right mind would let her pick up their kids?’”

Britney’s chain-smoking attendance set more than a bad example. As news of the pop star’s presence spread around the school, “some of the kids were freaked out,” a school source told Supervising adults quickly calmed the situation, directing Britney to the school’s back entrance.

Meanwhile, the mystery children Brit said she was there to pick up never materialized. The former Mouseketeer eventually got in her car and left, alone.

Eddie Murphy went ‘Mr. Hyde’ on brideIn an account rivaling his twin turn in “The Nutty Professor,” Eddie Murphy allegedly revealed a hidden personality ugly enough to drive away would-be bride Tracey Edmonds. Insiders told the New York Post’s Page Six that shortly before legalizing their recent Bora Bora wedding, Eddie changed from charmer to a bossy bully who wanted his mother on their honeymoon.

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“That was kind of the last straw,” Tracey’s friend told Page Six. “She was happy to sign a prenup — she has her own money. She was very accommodating. But then it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Eddie became very controlling and they got into a huge fight. He started screaming at her and grabbed her. She was scared.”

Representatives for both the former bride and groom refused to comment, reports Page Six. However, last week Eddie announced, “After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forgo having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further ... we have decided to remain friends.” He didn’t elaborate on which personality this friendship included. 

Dish on the flyNew dad Joel Madden is so enamored with fatherhood he can’t contain himself. In a recent post to his blog, Nicole Richie’s main man shared photos of baby clothes and waxed sentimental about his daughter. “I had no idea what love even was until Harlow came along,” the Good Charlotte singer confessed. “Me and her mother feel like the luckiest two people alive right now.” … What started out as a boring outing turned into a bonding experience for Ryan Reynolds and his “Definitely, Maybe” co-star, Abigail Breslin. In a Radio One interview (posted to Female First), Ryan explained how he allowed the pint-sized actress to pick out a toy to end their play date. “As we were walking out I checked my receipt and it was $300 — for a stuffed animal!” the leading man exclaimed. “She told her mom, ‘Ryan bought me a $300 stuffed toy — what an idiot!’ From that moment on I was helplessly in love with this little girl.” … Not only did he retract his supportive post to Jessica Simpson, now John Mayer’s redacted everything. As of Thursday morning, John’s blog was “Done & Dusted,” except for the following quote from French military theorist Col. Ardant Du Picq: “There is danger in theoretical speculation of battle, in prejudice, in false reasoning, in pride, in braggadocio. There is one safe resource, the return to nature ...” Consider yourself warned.

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