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Is Britney Spears a bigamist?

A British talk-show host is claiming that he legally married Britney Spears — and even though the nuptials were obviously a prank, he’s saying the vows may actually be binding.
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Is Britney a bigamist?

A British talk-show host is claiming that he legally married the singer — and even though the nuptials were obviously a prank, he’s saying the vows may actually be binding.

British TV host Richard Bacon alleges that he legally tied the knot with Spears while interviewing her in a hotel room for the U.K. morning show “The Big Breakfast.”

“It was the first time she’d told anyone she’d split with [Justin] Timberlake and I had a bit of plan, as I had hoped to get the admission out of her about the split,” Bacon, who also has a British radio show, told his listeners. “I had a vicar waiting round the corner with a real marriage certificate. I went down on one knee in front of her and said ‘Would you marry me?’ and she said ‘Hey sure.’” Bacon says he called in the vicar, who had a legitimate marriage certificate, and they both signed it.

But after the show was over, “I’m walking off with the marriage certificate down the corridor when this massive security guard comes hurtling after me, takes it out of my hand and tears it up as he realized what I’d done and that it was legally binding,” Bacon says, and goes on to insist: “You can’t just get rid of it by tearing it up, which means I actually could still be legally married to BritneySpears, which means her marriage to Kevin doesn’t exist and that BritneySpears a bigamist.”

Spears’ rep however, dismisses Bacon’s claim, saying, “Sorry to break Richard’s heart, but Britney Spears is legally married to her husband Kevin Federline and is expecting their first child together very soon. I hope Richard is able to accept this and move on from what must be a confusing time for him.”

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