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Britney’s puppy purchase riles Humane Society

The singer recently bought a Yorkshire Terrier at a pet store, which the animal-rights group equates to supporting puppy mills.
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More woes for Britney Spears.

Last week, Child Protective Services was allegedly looking into whether her swimming pool was safe for kids, now the “Oops!... I Did It Again” singer is being blasted by the Humane Society. The animal-protection group is upset that Spears reportedly bought a $3,000 Yorkshire Terrier puppy from a Bel-Air pet store.

“Ms. Spears is setting a damaging example to the public,” notes Stephanie Shain, the society’s director of outreach. “Most dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills — factory-like facilities, churning out purebred and ‘designer’ puppies in large numbers. Every time someone purchases a dog from a pet store, they risk perpetuating the horrendous business of puppy mills.”

But the Humane Society would gladly take animal-lover Spears on as a spokesperson — if she’d do a little homework first. “If she’d be willing to learn about the issues and educate other people, we’d be delighted to have her,” Shain told The Scoop. “I think there are a lot of people like her out there who love animals and don’t realize that their actions are hurting them.”

Sexy pics thrill BeckhamsThose sexy pics of Victoria “Posh Spice” Beckham and hubby David that ran in W magazine didn’t upset the couple — in fact, the former Spice Girl is going to have them enlarged and hung inside their new Beverly Hills home.

“We were both so happy with the pictures,” Victoria Beckham told the London Mirror regarding the Steven Klein shots. “Even though the poses were quite risqué we felt totally at ease.” The photos featured the couple — sans their three children — in what the New York Times described as “a series of provocative and often-bizarre poses, in bed and on cars and largely undressed.” 

“We’ve ordered some of those shots to have blown up,” Victoria Beckham said. “David especially likes the one of me writhing on the bonnet.” “Bonnet” is a British expression for the hood of a car.

The recently transplanted Brit also defended her West Coast best friends forever, TomKat. “Tom and Katie have been so good to us. They’re throwing us a little welcoming party and have been helping out with our move,” Beckham said, defending the couple’s sometimes controversial religion. “They are honestly such nice, genuine people. We’re always getting asked if we’re converting to Scientology ... it never even comes up in conversation. We like them as people. Someone can worship a rock, as far as I’m concerned, if it makes them happy!”

Notes from all over


The cute child star grew into a Hollywood bombshell — with grownup problems of her own.

The claws still come out when Joan Collins speaks of her former co-star Linda Evans. Collins has written an extraordinarily catty account of the two “Dynasty” divas’ appearances last year in a stage production of “Legends.” “Linda arrives at first rehearsal with cosmetic-surgery tape over and under her eyelids and underneath her chin,” Collins noted in her diary in summer of 2006, as excerpted in the U.K. “Naturally, the cast all pretend to ignore this, but it’s obvious she’s come straight from either the face-lift shop or a car crash. She also has the weirdest collagen-enhanced lips I’ve ever seen. In fact, she epitomizes the expression ‘trout pout’ with those huge lips that make her look like a gargoyle when she smiles. It’s quite off-putting to have to look at that face, which used to be so pretty, and pretend not to notice.” Collins goes on to describe how what was supposed to be a “gentle push” by Evans on stage allegedly because an “almighty shove that sends me flying on to my knees” and supposedly injures her. ... Is Gisele Bündchen making nice with her boyfriend’s ex? The Brazilian beauty bought a cute onesie from that says “Supermodel” and some are wondering if it’s a gift for Bridget Moynahan — who is pregnant, reportedly, with Tom Brady’s child. ... Lindsay Lohan was spotted dining out with three buddies at Nate ’N Al’s in Beverly Hills. “The photographers were collecting outside,” says a source. “The waitress told (Lohan) that there was a back exit with no photographers. But she went out the front anyway.”

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