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Britney’s honeymoon bliss

Britney Spears’ honeymoon night lasted almost as long as her first marriage.

The “Toxic” star and her new hubby were reportedly holed up in their hotel room for 48 hours after their wedding and gave her entourage strict orders not to disturb them. “We rang Britney once and she went ballistic,” a bodyguard told the London Sun. “She said we were only to contact them again if the world caved in.”

The pop star has been quoted as saying she wanted to have four or five children and she would start trying on her wedding night.

Meanwhile, the British tab The Star is quoting Christina Aguilera as slamming her rival’s wedding to backup dancer Kevin Federline. “I know [Britney] really loves Kevin, but this is like really low rent this time,” the “Dirrty” star reportedly said. “It’s surprising. The whole affair seems somewhat pathetic."Enough about me, what do you think of me?

American actress Cybil Shepherd is seen in this image made available by London's GMTV Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2004. Shepherd, 52, turned up for her early morning interview in a red velvet hooded cape -- explaining it was to hide her "jetlag hair." The actress removed the cape to reveal her blonde hair tied up in a top knot. She then took out the hair from its tie and sat on the sofa with her hair standing on end, laughing: "Would you like me to brush it now?" (AP Photo/GMTV) ** UNITED KINGGDOM OUT TV OUT NO SALES **

Cybill Shepherd startled some TV viewers when she rambled on about what some insiders say is her favorite topic: Cybill Shepherd.

“She was rambling and annoying and strange,” says our source after watching the “Moonlighting” star on the UK’s “Lorraine Kelly” show. “She couldn’t stop talking about herself and listing her accomplishments. They had a model on before her, and Cybill was saying, I used to be a model, I won model of the year award. I was this, I that. The interviewer was just aghast. She just kept rambling and rambling. At the end, it was clear she didn’t want to be off camera, so as the poor host tried to wrap it up, she goes, Why do we have to stop? Why did they have that model on so long? It was all really weird.”

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