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Britney’s ex-assistant latest to be served

Tuesday night, the third person to be subpoenaed in Kevin Federline’s custody case against pop singer Britney Spears was served.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Tuesday night, the third person to be subpoenaed in Kevin Federline’s custody case against pop singer Britney Spears was served.

Shannon Funk, the blonde woman who was by Spears’ side earlier this summer, serving as her assistant, was given papers by Aaron Cohen’s IMS security team in another stealth operation.

Funk knew she was going to be served, according to a source in the Federline camp. A magazine the source refused to name tipped off the former assistant. The source alleges that the same publication also told the security team which has been delivering the subpoenas and several paparazzi photo agencies what flight she was on.

After finding out the magazine had alerted photographers, the security team held a meeting and changed their plans for serving Funk.

“This is not about media, it’s about the safety and security of the whole family,” the source told “Access.”

Funk’s delivery follows previous hand-offs to people who have worked with Spears including her previous assistant Alli Sims, who got her papers early Sunday morning, and bodyguard Damon Shippen, who was served on Monday night.

Seven more people are expected to be served, a source close to Federline previously told “Access.” All will be expected to testify about Britney’s parenting.

Spears and Federline currently split the custody of their two boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James, equally, but earlier this month, K-Fed’s lawyer filed paperwork requesting more custody of the children.

Romantic connection?Meanwhile, Funk, who made headlines in July when OK! accused her of trying to walk off with some designer goods from a cover shoot with Britney, has broken her silence to answer allegations she is in a relationship with Spears.

In a new OK! magazine cover story, which features a photo of a topless Britney being cuddled in a pool by Funk, the magazine alleges the two women are involved in a romantic relationship. Funk has denied the claim.

A week ago, Britney was splashed across the cover of US magazine in the same pool, with Matt Encinias, a 21-year-old college student. He spilled the beans on his “twisted night” with Britney, describing in detail the singer’s breasts and suggesting he could have bedded the pop star. Now, OK! magazine is reporting that Britney wasn’t after Encinias, but rather Funk.“That boy who claims he went back to hang out with Britney and hook up with her? No, that’s not what happened,” a friend of the singer told OK!. “Instead of hooking up with him, (Shannon) ended up back in Brit’s room and bed.”

The alleged liaisons with Funk are not Spears’ first romantic encounters with a person of the same sex, another source claimed.

“She’s been experimenting since she was 16,” a former employee of the pop star told OK!. “She said alcohol was involved in her first time kissing a girl. It was an innocent French kiss with a girl from (her native) Louisiana.”

Funk, OK! reports, has denied any romance, suggesting the pop star is simply a flirty person.

“Britney needs constant reassurance of someone’s affection and is very touchy-feely, even if she likes someone,” Funk told OK!. “Brit loves the attention that comes from flirting.”

Reps for Spears could not be reached for comment. Funk’s mother responded to an inquiry by “Access” saying, “You’re not going to be able to reach Shannon.”