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Britney’s dad pushes her back to work

Jamie Spears thinks the best therapy for his daughter is getting her back to a more structured work schedule.
/ Source: contributor

Helping Britney Spears improve her health and get back to work are part of the same goal for dad Jamie. Acting in the role of the pop star’s conservator for less that two months, Jamie’s already curbed her previously unstable behavior, arranged to sell off some of her excess possessions, encouraged her to take her talents to TV and according to the National Enquirer, he won’t stop there.

“Jamie understands his daughter is sick, but he also knows that work is therapeutic for her,” a source shared with the Enquirer. “He doesn’t feel that his expectations of a Britney comeback are impossible. He wants her doing what she knows how to do.”

One thing she knows how to do is perform. That’s why Jamie wants Britney to tour in support of her “Blackout” album. A music industry source claims Jamie’s already contacted Brit’s agents at the William Morris Agency and assured them that his daughter is ready to hit the road. “Jamie’s plan is to give Britney back her work life,” the insider told the Enquirer.

Jake’s folks want Reese to join the familyHe may not be ready to pop the question to Reese Witherspoon just yet, but Jake Gyllenhaal’s family wants him to do so soon. Us Weekly reports that as far as his folks are concerned, Jake’s found Ms. Right.

“They know she would be the perfect wife to settle down with,” a family friend told Us. “They all want Jake to get married soon and have kids with her.”

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A source close to Jake’s sister, Maggie, agreed. “Maggie and the family love Reese. (She) is exactly what they want him to be with. They love that she has her own thing going on. She isn’t about being with Jake for any reason except she loves him.”

Even friends expect to hear wedding bells, but one warns that Reese, as a protective mother of two young children, is cautious about taking the plunge. “Their closest friends think they will eventually marry. Reese just wants to make sure their lives make sense together before they do.” But the insider assured, “They keep saying ‘one day …’ and smiling. When the time is right, he will propose.”

Of course if and when the big day comes, it could be a while before fans get the news. “I wouldn’t be surprised if an engagement happens any day now but nobody finds out for months,” a pal of the über-private couple told Us.

Dish on the flyIt’s still under renovation, but once Paris Hilton’s 7,493-square-foot home is complete, it promises to be a new Beverly Hills hot spot. The celebutante is turning the basement into “a Parisian speakeasy, with lots of gold fixtures and black furniture,” a Paris pal revealed to In Touch. The private nightclub will hold 200 guests and have its own entrance. “Obviously it’s going to be very VIP,” said another friend. … Surprising absolutely no one, Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards informed the Daily Mail he smokes marijuana. “I smoke my head off,” the 64-year-old confessed. “I smoke weed all the damn time. But that’s my benign weed. That’s all I take, that’s all I do. But I do smoke, and I’ve got some really good hash.” … Katherine Heigl wants to set the record straight concerning critics who call her the next Julia Roberts. “I can’t help but feel that (the comparison) is a little insulting to Julia Roberts,” the “Knocked Up” actress said in a quote posted to “There’s not another woman who I look at and think, ‘That’s it, that’s whose career I want to have.’ I’m just me and trying to do the best I can in every decision in any given moment.”

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