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Britney’s comeback tour faces empty seats

Want to attend the opening of Britney Spears' comeback tour? There are still plenty of seats available.
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There’s a good deal of worrying going on behind the scenes of Britney Spears’ comeback tour. And the worry isn't centered around whether Spears will show and perform well, it’s that there won’t be many people in the audience to witness it.

At press time, there were still plenty of tickets left for the first show of the tour on March 3 in New Orleans.

“Group sales are down considerably,” says one person close to the production, “and then you’ve got individual tickets that cost as much as $500 apiece. That’s a lot of money to spend on an artist who isn’t a sure bet right now.”

The source maintains that those who did pony up for seats won’t be let down.

“She’s worked really, really hard to make this good. Granted, there’ve been some hiccups along the way, but she’s going to put on a good show. I just hope there are people there to see it,” says the source. “This is really her last chance.”

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Miami reunionIn a move that has close friends mystified, Chris Brown and Rihanna spent the weekend together in Miami, reportedly working out their differences.

Chris Brown

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Chris Brown

A young star in the world of R&B bounces back from a devastating arrest for assault.

That effort is being made in private, as the couple is said to be staying at Diddy’s Star Island spread, and have not been spotted out together. Brown, however, was photographed jet-skiing, and on Feb. 28 was out with Khloe Kardashian and rapper Young Jeezy Feb. 28 at the Hotel Gansevoort.

As for what will come of their time together, a source close to Rihanna says it’s possible they’ll stay together.

“We (her friends) might not be able to understand why she wants to stay, but we have to be there for her,” said the source.

Is the Jonas star falling? Is it a sign the apocalypse is upon us?

Disney’s "Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience" didn’t top the box office this weekend. Instead, “Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail” nabbed the No. 1 spot in an upset.

Jonas Brothers invasion

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Jonas Brothers invasion

Nick, Joe and Kevin are everywhere. From the concert stage to the big screen, you cannot escape these tween dreams.

“Madea” made another $16.5 million; the Jonas Brothers only took in $12.7 million.

Just for frame of reference, consider that “Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour,” made $31.1 million its opening weekend.

Is this Jonas fatigue, or perhaps, proof that there’s just not much added value in 3D? I tend to think the latter.

In other film news “Slumdog Millionaire” scored the best Oscar bounce seen in more than a decade. It made $12.2 million, which is a 44% increase over its performance last weekend.

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