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Britney’s ball invite turns into a pumpkin

Britney Spears won’t be going to a fabulous European ball because her former best friend Paris Hilton will be there.
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Britney Spears won’t be going to a fabulous European ball because her former best friend Paris Hilton will be there.

The partying heiress is attending the super-elegant Vienna Opera Ball — causing a stir in Austria because it’s the highlight of the country’s social season — but the “Toxic” singer was removed from the invite list because she and Hilton had a falling out.

The partying heiress is the guest of wealthy industrialist Richard Lugner and his socialite wife Christina who in the past have invited high profile celebs in the hopes of modernizing the very traditional dance. Originally, Hilton was going with Spears. There are rumors that Hilton is receiving $1 million for attending.

“She is a very good advertisement for the Opera Ball,” Richard Lugner explained. Regarding why Spears wouldn’t be there as well, Christina offered: “They unfortunately do not get along anymore.”

Sharon Stone delivers a basic beating
Sharon Stone whacked around her “Alpha Dog” co-star until she gave him a bloody nose.

In the flick, the “Basic Instinct” star plays a mother who has a son who was kidnapped and then beats up her other son, played by Ben Foster — and says that he egged on the on-set violence for a scene.

“I was trying to figure out how to hit him, because you have to hit a person when you’re doing that kind of a scene. You can’t do those stunt hits because it doesn’t really work in a scene like that. I was trying to hit him without hurting him but Ben just wouldn’t let me because he knew the scene really required this kind of violence and this kind of aggression,” Stone said, according the Times & Transcript of New Brunswick. “It required me to really go for him. He forced me to aggress [sic] him and he forced me to hit him. He just kept pushing me and pushing me and I just lost it. He made me hit him until it broke my heart. It was so awful and his nose started to bleed.”

Notes from all overAre Kirsten Dunst and Adam Brody an item? The two were looking awfully cozy at L.A. hotspot Hyde recently, reports US Weekly. ... David and Victoria Beckham won’t be moving to Neverland. Michael Jackson’s rep is denying reports that the immigrant couple were looking at the Thriller’s sprawling Santa Barbara ranch, calling the story “laughable.” ... Will Smith shocked some media types in the U.K. with the size of his entourage. The “The Pursuit of Happyness” star was accompanied by four cars that toted four bodyguards, a makeup artist, a stylist and several publicists. “The entourage puzzles me because Will Smith is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood,” noted Brit commentator Fiona Phillips. “And his ego is small enough to fit into just the one car.”

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