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Britney reportedly still hitting the bottle

Is Britney Spears drinking again? The recently rehabbed star is already back on the bottle, according to a celebrity magazine.
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Is Britney Spears drinking again? The recently rehabbed star is already back on the bottle, according to the upcoming issue of In Touch. The singer “tossed back glasses of wine” at a friend’s Beverly Hills condo with her cousin Alli Sims on April 14, according to the mag, which reports that the two were later spotted at the hotspot Parc, where she had more wine. The next day, she went to the Japanese restaurant Shu Sushi, where she allegedly drank sake, reports In Touch.

“Brit feels like she can have a few drinks,” a “friend” tells the mag. “She feels like as long as she’s having fun and not hurting anyone, she doesn’t need rehab.”

Spears recently fired Larry Rudolph, the manager who urged her to go into rehab, and when her father defended him to the New York Post, Spears told the paper, “It’s sad that all the men that have been in my life do not know how to accept a real woman’s love.”

That’s why Spears is having trouble kicking her addiction, an insider tells In Touch: “She’s looking at everyone around her to blame for the problems in her life.”

Putting her pain to musicHilary Duff is singing about a split — but not her own.

While the “Lizzie McGuire” star was struggling last year with the breakup from her long time boyfriend, Joel Madden, she was also dealing with her parents’ separation after 22 years of marriage — a split that the 19-year-old star blames on her father’s cheating, according to the new issue of Star.

“I was embarrassed that my family wasn’t perfect and that some woman had broken it up,” the tab quoted Duff as saying. “This is so hard to talk about.”

But rather than wallowing in self-pity, Duff has put the painful incident to music. Her album “Dignity,” which was released this month, has a song, “Gypsy Woman,” about an interloping woman — and some fans assumed that the song was about Duff’s split from Madden. Looks like that might not be the case. The song, co-written with Hilary’s older sister, Haylie, in about the other woman in her father’s life. It says, in part: “Try to run away with a Gypsy woman/Here today, then gone for good.” Another song, “The Stranger,” is a song about how her mother must feel about her father, reports Star.

“I made it seem like it was about a relationship I was in,” the tab quotes Duff as saying, “because I didn’t want people to know about my parents.”

Notes from all overDemi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are getting serious in their efforts to have a child. The 44-year-old mother of three and her 29-year-old hubby have just returned from a vacation in Valencia, Spain, and the couple is telling friends that they’ve cleared their summer schedules to concentrate on getting Moore pregnant. “Demi’s been seeing fertility specialists who are guiding her through in vitro fertilization,” an “insider” tells the new issue of Life & Style. ... Eddie Murphy insists that Melanie Brown’s baby is not his — but she’s still giving the child his name, calling the girl Angel Iris Murphy Brown. “Mel (the artist formerly known as Scary Spice) was really distraught and humiliated by the way Eddie has treated her,” a source tells the London Mirror. “She went through the agony of arranging a DNA test when the baby was born and now giving the child his surname is her way of telling the world Angel is his child.” ... Mischa Barton may be skinny — but she says she’s no Nicole Richie. “I am a normal weight,” the former “O.C.” star said, reports WENN. “I understand the responsibility that comes with a role in a TV show that is watched by millions of teenagers ... but the thing is that I am naturally this shape. I have a very fast metabolism and it is sometimes annoying when you are compared to people who are clearly not naturally that way. I am sensitive to people like Nicole (Richie) who have body issues, but I am always pretty much the same weight.”

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