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Britney ready to start trying for baby No. 2

Despite the widely reported woes in the marriage between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Spears is eager to give son Sean Preston a sibling — “the sooner the better.”
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Britney wants another baby — with the same daddy.

Despite the widely reported woes in the marriage between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, Spears is eager to give their son Sean Preston a sibling — “the sooner the better” — according to In Touch Weekly.

“Britney was advised to wait at least three months after her baby’s birth before trying to get pregnant again,” a “friend” told the mag. “Now that that’s passed, she wants to try right away.”

Spears reportedly is hoping for a girl this time around, and is actually thinking that another baby will help smooth out her rocky relationship with Federline. “She is hoping another baby will strengthen her marriage to Kevin,” another friend told the mag.

Race to the altarWill Nicole Kidman rush to the chapel?

The buzz is that “The Stepford Wives” star is eager to beat her ex-hubby Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes to the altar. Cruise and his preggars fiancée are rumored to be getting hitched in the summer or early fall of 2006 — but there’s a report that Kidman and Keith Urban are planning to get married as early as this weekend. Kidman hasn’t even acknowledged that she’s dating the country music star, but Life & Style weekly is reporting that the couple has sent out invitations to her Aussie friends for a wedding.

Kidman’s rep couldn’t be reached for comment, and a professional associate of Kidman told the Scoop, “I haven’t heard anything about that.” But an “insider” told L&S, “Nicole’s friends in Australia have received their invitations, and the wedding’s happening this coming weekend. She wants to do it before the year is out, to have it over and done with before Tom Cruise has his big day.”

Notes from all over
Not everyone is wowed by the new James Bond. Lois Maxwell, the original Miss Moneypenny in the Bond films, had a lukewarm reaction to Daniel Craig. “Hmm, he’s not as handsome as Roger [Moore] or Sean [Connery], is he?” she told the London Mirror. “He has what you’d call an interesting face. Perhaps the make-up girls could do something to him. Maybe give him a wig.” ... PETA plans to honor the late Richard Pryor by sponsoring a billboard in his hometown, Peoria, Illinois, that will draw attention to one of his pet causes, “join me, along with millions of other Americans, in telling KFC that you will not support cruelty to animals.” ... When reporters asked Matthew Broderick if wife Sarah Jessica Parker gets jealous of his relationship with this “Producers” co-star Nathan Lane, Broderick quipped, “No, she likes me to have my other life. My dark, gay showbiz life.”

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