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Britney may get another chance at acting

Now that Britney Spears has raked in rave reviews for her bit part in the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” there’s a new acting offer on the table.
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Now that Britney Spears has raked in rave reviews for her bit part in the CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother,” there’s a new acting offer on the table. The Daily Star reports that the-powers-that-be behind a new London theater production of the Tennessee Williams classic “A Streetcar Named Desire” offered the pop star the role of tragic boozer Blanche DuBois.

“Britney’s been on the list for this for some time but was considered too risky until recently,” an insider revealed. “Her appearance in (the TV show) ‘How I Met Your Mother’ changed all that. She had poise, timing and a real flair.”

Seems Brit’s real life woes have producers convinced she’s perfect for the part. “We’d wanted her for Blanche because even though she’s technically too young to play her, who else could embody this fallen Southern belle so well?” the source told the Daily Star. “Britney’s done it all in her career — from being desired beyond all others to facing ridicule that she can’t quite understand — pure Blanche.

“She’s living out the story, so to harness that on stage would be amazing for an audience to see — and cathartic for Britney, too.”

‘Dancing’ leaves little family time for Adam Carolla

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Juggling his day job as a radio host with his new “Dancing With the Stars” duties has left Adam Carolla little time to spend with his wife and children. In an interview with OK! magazine, the comedian revealed that he’s practically a stranger in his own home.

“(My kids are) probably miserable because they’re too little to really drink it in,” Adam said. “All they know is daddy is not around as much as daddy normally is. So, they’ll be scarred for life but with the winnings, I should be able to pay for therapy.”

Anyone who’s seen Adam mambo may wonder what winnings he’s talking about, and that includes his wife, Lynette. “(She) didn’t think I could dance, and I think she still feels that way.”

In fact, with work and rehearsals demanding so much of his time, Adam hardly feels like he’s even married to Lynette. “We’re barely dating at this point,” he told OK! “The schedule is too crazy.”

Dish on the fly By missing his March 26 arraignment on felony cocaine charges, Steve-O forfeited $10,000 in bail funds. Still, the “Jackass” star had a good excuse for pulling a no-show. “He's been in the hospital for two weeks,” his lawyer, Barry Sands, told E! News. The judge issued a continuance for April 23, and Sands ensures Steve-O “will be at the next court hearing.”… Singer, songwriter, author, actress, director, designer — Madonna’s just about done it all. “What else is there for me to conquer?” the Queen of Pop pondered in the latest issue of Q Magazine. “Hopefully my ego. How will I know when I've succeeded? When I stop caring what anyone thinks.”

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