Britney, K-Fed share separate vacations

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By By Jeannette Walls

Britney Spears may insist that her marriage to Kevin Federline is “awesome” — but they sure are giving each other a lot of space.

The couple recently went on vacation in Florida — but they reportedly stayed in separate rooms. Spears and K-Fed spent a whopping $250,000 for a getaway on Aqua Island, according to the upcoming issue of In Touch Weekly, which reports that except for a very public romp on the beach with their 10-month-old son, the two steered pretty clear of each other. In fact, Spears rented two houses so they didn’t have to stay together.

“She did it to get away from Kevin,” a “friend” told the mag. Federline jet skied in South Beach by himself and in the evening, appeared at the club Mansion, where he had a scheduled appearance. Spears didn’t attend, but K-Fed partied with eight friends, drank Cristal champagne, and danced until 3:30 a.m., according to the mag. Despite their problems, a “pal” says, Spears “wants the world to think they’re happier than ever.”

Meanwhile, US Weekly had pros analyze Spears’s body language during that Matt Lauer interview, and when a closed-eyed Spears declared her marriage fabulous, she wasn’t being candid, in the expert opinion of former FBI polygraph examiner and criminal profiler Jack Timarco. “When a person covers or closes their eyes,” said Timarco, “it often means they’re getting ready to tell a lie.”

Paris on the prowlMothers, lock up your sons. Paris Hilton’s on the prowl.

The partying heiress was spotted looking cozy with Colorado Avalanche goalie Jose Theodore at a party on Sunday following the MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto, according the Montreal’s Gazette. The twosome left together then went to another club and “partied until the wee hours of Monday morning,” reports the paper. Theodore and his girlfriend have a three-month-old daughter.

But apparently the encounter wasn’t serious. Hilton says she enjoys being “single” — by which she means dating around — and a source tells the Scoop that Hilton wants to remain unattached for at least six months.

Notes from all overJessica Simpson is devastated that her ex-hubby Nick Lachey is dating Vanessa Minnillo — because she used to be buddies with Minnillo. The MTV host pursued Simpson’s friendship after the two met in 2003, according to The Star. Minnillo regularly invited her to “girls’ nights out” and dinners. “When Jess and Nick were falling apart, Jess confided to Vanessa,” a source told the tab. Minnillo urged her to leave Lachey. ...  Pamela Anderson has agreed to pose naked in Stella McCartney’s store window, according to reports. ... Serial assistant abuser Naomi Campbell says she’s a gentler, kinder supermodel since meeting boyfriend BadrJafar. “I’m known for my temper,” Campbell said, reports The London Mirror. “I’m a bit of a character. Now I’ve met someone who likes me for who I am.”

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