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Britney hits it one last time

Britney Spears pulled off the third (and reportedly last) performance on her whirlwind House of Blues mini-tour Thursday night in West Hollywood.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Britney Spears pulled off the third (and reportedly last) performance on her whirlwind House of Blues mini-tour Thursday night in West Hollywood.The show was much the same as the last two nights’ performances, with Britney dancing and lip-synching her way through a set of five songs, which lasted around 15 minutes in total.One difference, however, was in Spears’ appearance — she forsook the long dark wig she’d been sporting at the other two shows in exchange for a short, bobbed black one. Her costume — made up of a mini skirt, pink bikini top and white furry jacket — remained the same, though her fishnet stockings were showing some wear and tear, with some reportedly “large” holes on her backside!Another difference in this performance didn’t come from the stage — it came from the audience. Spotted at a table on the Foundation Room/VIP balcony section was none other than Lindsay Lohan, Britney’s old party pal, who took in the show with an unidentified girl at her side.

The Olsen Twins also were reportedly in attendance, as well as reggae/dancehall artist Sean Paul, who Britney seemed to be smiling at during her performance.

Lindsay looked like she was enjoying herself as Britney did her thing, but there was no dancing for Lohan — she remained seated throughout.

Britney, however, danced up a storm, with a smile plastered across her face the whole time.

The show ended abruptly around 10 p.m. in the same fashion as usual, with a quick “thank you” from Spears as she hurried off the stage.

The moment she left, the crowd turned their attention to Lindsay, with some people shouting “hi” to her. Lohan smiled and waved from her balcony perch, saying “hi” back to the people before making her exit from the club.

Security was amped up even more than at Wednesday night’s show, perhaps due to the added presence of Lindsay. While a few video cameras were seen set up in the sound mixing area, audience members who tried to use their cameras or cell phones were quickly charged by security guards — who blocked their views in the process.

Though Britney has received decidedly mixed reviews for these little shows, with some questioning the $125 ticket price for a 15-minute lip-synched performance, it seems to have still served its purpose for Spears. She got her feet wet on the stage again, and received a lot of attention in the press that had nothing to do with rehab, divorce, or bouts of strange behavior.In fact, a majority fans responded positively to our recent Access poll, with 72 percent saying that Britney will pull off a successful comeback. A follow-up poll was not as favorable for Spears, however, with 64 percent saying that $125 was too much to pay for a 15-minute concert.